About Us

About Us

We are a team of IT professionals specializing in web design and development. We have launched numerous successful projects for a diverse range of clients in USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, UAE, Thailand, Hong Kong and many other countries.

 We provide a range of web solutions for all types of businesses, large and small, including e-strategy, planning, project management for website design, website development and CMS development.

Our years of experience in IT are your guarantee that we will provide a website solution on time and within budget.



Working with us we will get to know you and your business. Together we will create relevant solutions and avoid over-engineering and unnecessary costs. This allows us to give a project a structure that is essential to achieve the desired outcomes, and avoids the unnecessary overheads that can compromise a project’s success.

WinWinWebsites.com is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Global Internet Services (Hong Kong, USA and UK), the employee-owned parent company of specialized businesses and a broad spectrum of websites worldwide, as well as a leading technology services provider since 1996.

With a local presence in key markets in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America, we have been able to create worldwide awareness by offering online solutions that we believe are redefining the way websites and web marketing perform.

Our global sales structure allows us to sell and distribute our products and services to large, medium and small businesses on a local basis. Our objective is to offer existing customers additional products while expanding our coverage to attract new customers.

With innovative solutions and the multiple alliances we share with other companies that serve the internet community, we have increased the number of products we provide beyond core websites and hosting.

We service customers through a field sales force, local marketing-partners, telephone sales forces and an online service, which we refer to as our “eCommerce” channel, and provide direct assistance without sales force involvement.

In order to support new product launches and our expanded sales resources, we have invested in our customer service capabilities on a global basis. We have in-sourced, centralized and standardized our global call center operations to create a customer focused and proactive value added model.

We actively  support our marketing-partners on a global scale through strategic investments in both online and on-site support. Our advertising and promotion activities are designed to drive quality visitors to our affiliated online partners.

Our growth strategy includes global geographic expansion. We believe there is a huge opportunity to extend our penetration in existing markets in Europe, Asia and Latin America, in addition to extending our presence beyond the markets we currently serve.