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Your website has less than 4 seconds to get your visitors' attention before they leave

Your website has less than 4 seconds to get your visitors' attention before they leave

Stay Fresh, Stay Bold

Your website should "flame on", not burn out. Your business, the web, and your customers change all the time. Your web site should be able to change and grow right along with them.

Whatever your goals, our designs will lift you above the noise and clutter of the web, to stand out amongst the crowd. In the wide world of web design, there is one sure path to growing and strengthening your business: Be Noticed. Be Effective. Be Fresh. BE BOLD.

You've got about 4 seconds to grab their attention. That’s right, only 4 seconds. A report by on-line content delivery service Akamai indicated that on-line shoppers were only willing to spare four seconds to explore a site. That is the average amount of time it takes a user to mouse up and close the tab, or open another tab, or perform a new search. Doesn’t sound like very much time? It’s not. That’s why your site needs to be designed with usability, functionality, and your potential customer interested in mind. Your website has to engage them before habit takes over, which is to close the window.

Quite simply, our web exposure tools help clients discover, recover, and retain customers online with a balanced combination of engaging and functional content management system web site design, site visibility optimization, and search engine marketing strategy, implementation, and management.

In conjunction with our expertise in search engine optimization, we’ll make sure your website is attractive and enjoyable to navigate, easy to find in search engines, and simple to update regularly. We’ll also work with you to create a web marketing plan to achieve the growth you seek.